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Why Hire a Coach?

You used to be fun. The life of the party.

A trouble maker.  Not the kind of trouble maker who got expelled from school or caused any harm. Heavens no. The kind of trouble maker who knew how to have a good time while still pulling off good grades, promotions and your bosses praise.

 A reliable rebel.

You bought into the myth that growing up and being successful meant trading a good time for responsibility.

The fun fell away and your life somehow got boring.

You started taking life too seriously and traded vivacious joy for frustrated, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated. For every women who’s back-seated their pleasure for everyone else’s needs & desires.

More Fun. More Energy. More Play. 

But most of all more living of your life. You are worth it.



Christy is such a force of positive energy and enthusiasm. I’m more motivated to attack the small things in life that cause background stress and annoyance. -Erin S., WA

WOW! What a difference in my life – I went from self doubting my abilities, my relationships, my mothering, my money etc. to feeling joy in all aspects of my life. -Julie Moore, Eugene OR

Perfectly – nonjudgemental. Christy really listens and can see what the real issue is. -B.H., WA

Christy’s valuable knowledge is presented with an engaging enthusiasm that makes you believe you can really do it. I have benefited by the confidence in my ability to achieve goals that at first seemed daunting. -Becky Rush, Atlanta GA

I needed an attitude change – badly. Can’t say enough good things about my experience with Christy. -Andrea T., Pasco WA