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Exclamation Marks!!!

Living with exclamation marks

I’m an exclamation mark kind of girl. For a long time I felt bad about that.  Exclamation marks get a bad rap.  To over the top!  To much excitement!! To much cheeriness!!!  I sure didn’t want to put in that category.

I’d write something, finish it off with an exclamation mark, or two or three.  Then hit backspace, delete, erase.  I didn’t want others to see my exclamation marks.  I was willing to erase me and my excitement so I didn’t get put in eye roll category.

Not anymore.  Starting now, I’m letting others see me exclamation marks.  No Apologies.   Life deserves to be lived out loud!  With excitement!!  Over the top with to much cheeriness!!!  I don’t care what spell check has to say.

So where are your exclamation marks?  What are you willing to erase to fit into someone else’s idea of how you should live your life?  Where should you hit enter instead of delete?

Here’s to a day filled with exclamation marks – whatever they may be for you.

Keep Smiling!


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