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What are you missing?

I almost ran into two huge geese while running.  They were walking along the river, right in my line of site and I almost missed them!!!  I was lost in thought.  In my head.  Focused on other things.  And I literally almost ran into two ginormous geese in the middle of my path. Luckily the geese started quacking or whatever it is that geese do and I was able to avoid a collision.

It reminded me of the selective attention test conducted by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris that asked people to count how many times a basketball was passed. In the middle of the video a gorilla walks in, pounds his chest and leaves.  Nearly half of the study participants were so focused on the passing basketballs that they entirely missed the gorilla.  

They’ve recently done a similar test (you can check it out here) that confirms the original findings.  It’s funny how we get so stuck in a routine, or a rut or a thought that we don’t notice what’s right in front of us,  whether it’s a gorilla or two ginormious geese.

“When your looking for a gorilla, you often miss other unexpected events.” -Daniel Simmons

What would your rather see in your life that you might be missing?  I’m curious to hear about what it is you might be missing that’s right in front of you.  Post your comments below!


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