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You’re not a runner – Is that true???

You’re not a runner – Is that true???

It’s something I hear almost everyday as I coach people through life using running as a catalyst to change.  I hear it more than almost anything else. I hear it from marathon runners, I hear it from casual weekend runners.  I hear it from hard core runners who run all the time and from those who only run when they are late.  So you’re not alone when you say you’re not a runner.  But I challenge you to ask yourself if that’s actually true?

What makes someone a runner?

Is it the amount of miles they run?

The frequency they run?

How fast they run?

Is it the thoughts they think?

or is it because they don’t run it with headphones?

So maybe you’re a runner, just not a ‘real’ one?

Can you be absolutely certain that its true you’re not a real runner?

How many miles do you have to run to be a ‘real’ runner?

How fast do you have to go?

How frequently do you have to run?

What kind of thoughts do ‘real’ runners think?

Or is it because they don’t run with headphones?

When you think the thought you’re not runner or at least not a ‘real’ one.  How does it make you feel?  What actions do you take or not take because you believe the lie that you’re not a runner?

For one second, drop the thought.  Pretend it doesn’t exist.  Who are you without it?  What do you do differently when you can’t believe you’re not a real runner?

Consider some turnarounds:

  • I am a ‘real’ runner
  • My thoughts about running are preventing me from seeing myself as a runner

Do either of these ring true for you?  Do they feel as true or more true than the original thought – that you’re not a runner?

I’m going to give you some evidence that you are a ‘real’ runner:

  • Have you ever run – if the answer is yes, then technically you are a ‘runner’ or at least you have been at some point in your life.
  • Have you ever enjoyed running (as a kid chasing your brother) – if you answered yes, once again, you are a runner.
  • Do you have a desire to run, even if it’s for just five minutes at a pace so slow a snail can beat you?  Guess what, you’re a runner just by having the desire and going out and giving it a try.

That’s it.  No other magic criteria.

Challenge yourself to come up with more turnarounds that fell as true or more true than the original statement that you are not a runner.  Find the evidence that supports these truths.  Remember, you are runner.  It’s in you. It might not be on the surface, but I’d bet money it’s in there somewhere. Find it.


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  1. Philippe September 30, 2011 4:10 am #

    The work of BK ?

    • Christy September 30, 2011 3:01 pm #

      Yes it is 🙂 Love that you noticed that.

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