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Money Monday: Understanding Your Relationship

Understanding Your Relationship with Money

If you were going to describe your current relationship with money in one word, what would it be?

Not sure?  The key to understanding your relationship is identifying what’s happening every time you interact with money.

Are you happy when you spend money?  Stressed?  Worried?  Unsure?

What about when you make money?  Or win it?  Or find it?  Are you excited?  Frustrated?  Annoyed?

If you try and look at the relationship by lumping all your interactions together, you won’t get any clear insight.  Let’s face it, different transactions with money FEEL different, independent of the dollar amount. The only way to get clarity is to take the time to analyze how you are feeling EACH time you interact with money.

Looking at the daily relationship is the only way to really understand why you’re spending what you’re spending,  earning what you’re earning and getting your current results.

Challenge yourself to record each of your money transactions for the next 7 days.  Record the transaction, the dollar amount, how you felt during the transaction and your overall thoughts about the transaction.

What do you notice?  Are there any trends?  Where are you feeling crappy with your money?  This single exercise will give you more insight into your money relationship than anything else you can do.

Give it a try and report back with what you find. In the meantime, I’d love to hear the one word you would use to describe your current relationship with money.

Leave your comments and insights below. 

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