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Money Monday – Job Uncertainty

Uncertainty can be a b*tch. Especially when it comes to things like work and money.

You’re humming along, everything is fine. Out of the blue, uncertainty rolls in.

Your company gets bought out, layoffs are announced, you loose a big client.

The job, the numbers and the life stop telling you the story you want to hear.  You panic.

At least I did.  

Which it turns out is perfectly normal.  The brain is hard wired with a desire to control the future.  

When things are humming along, it’s easy to believe you’re in control and the brain is more or less content thinking it’s steering the ship.

Then you hit an iceberg, wake up to the reality that life is unpredictable, and all of a sudden you feel like you’ve lost control.

The good news is, your brain doesn’t care if you actually have control, it only cares that it feels like it’s in control.

So how can you feel in control right now?

Remember you can always control your thoughts.

Some of my go to thoughts during times of uncertainty:

  • I’m always in control of me.
  • I’ll figure it out when I get there.  There’s always a solution.
  • I’ve made it this far.  I must be doing something right.
  • Either way, I’m all in.  I’m diving into the unpredictability and I am going to enjoy the ride.

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