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Money Monday – Unexpected Bills

You’re chugging along, making progress toward your financial goals and then seemingly out of nowhere you’re hit with a big fat bill that isn’t in the budget.

Or maybe it’s just a series of small bills that seem to come out of the woodwork just when you feel like you’re starting to make real progress.

Unexpected things do happen.

When unexpected things happen regularly they can no longer be considered unexpected.

If you’re consistently running short at the end of the month, or writing a check that’s just not in the budget it’s important to take the time to figure out what’s really going on with your money.

In my own life, I noticed I had a tendency to significantly underestimate my monthly expenses.

I’d decide once and for all I was going to be responsible and quickly pay off my debt. The faster the better. So I’d sit down and create a budget that I thought would propel me quickly toward my financial goals. It looked great on paper.

I’d make a huge payment on my student loan debt and then I’d freak out that I had no money left when it was time to buy groceries and pay my monthly bills.

I was so disconnected from my money and spending that I had no idea what it actually cost me to live every month.

When I finally took the time to look at what was happening with my money it was easy to see why it felt like things were always sneaking up on me.

I’d been drastically underestimating my expenditures.

Once I knew what I was spending, It was much easier for me to make choices about where I was willing to make sacrifices and where I wasn’t. I was able to create a debt payoff plan and cut down on the unexpected by leaving room for all of my monthly expenditures.

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