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Shift from worry to abundance

Creating a prosperity mindset around money isn’t always easy.

If it was, we’d all have one.  And research shows, we don’t.

In fact, The American Psychological Association found that 75% of surveyed adults say money is the number 1 source of stress in their lives – (June 2008).

Watch this week’s video for my tip on the fastest way to shift from worry to abundance.

Creating an abundant mindset takes time and practice.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a consistent commitment to checking in with yourself, being aware of your feelings, and consciously taking the time to choose thoughts that feel better.

Even the experts, including yours truly, fall into scarcity from time to time.

When worry starts to run the show, the first step is to be kind to yourself.

Beating yourself up for feeling scarce about money won’t help you create abundance.

Take a few minutes to notice what happens before the worry.

Do you start to get a subtle feeling that somethings not right, even before you feel stressed about money?
Do you engage in certain behaviors before you notice the feeling of scarcity?
I often notice a sudden desire to shop or an avoidance of balancing my checkbook, before I notice the feeling of worry.

These symptoms have become a trigger for me to start looking at what’s going in – in my money and my life.

What are your triggers?

Look at your money worry as a signal to go deep and look at the big picture.

Money problems often have little to do with actual money, so take an honest look at other things in your life that may be causing worry.

If your relationship is stressed or your job is a nightmare, you may project those feelings onto your money.

In the comments below, tell me what are you most grateful for when it comes to money?

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