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Authentic living

November Account Review

Each month I do a full account review of my finances.

I review every dollar I made and every dollar I spent.

Everything goes in a category.  Each category gets totaled.

Sounds kind of boring, right?

Except it isn’t.

It’s mind-blowingly fascinating.


Even though I plan in advance with my budget, balance my checkbook daily and generally keep good tabs on things, there’s almost always one line item that shocks me.

What I think I’m doing with my money and what I’m actually doing with it are often very different.

And it’s awesome.

I get to discover on paper how my money is working for me and how it’s working against me.

I get to learn about myself and my money on deep and rich level.

Most importantly, I get to decide if I want to keep engaging in the same behaviors or change them.

To make it even more fun, I’m going to share what I discover with you.

I’m going to tell you what surprised me and I’m going to show you how I change my thoughts around my spending to create a different result. This is where I get really, real with you.  You’re going to see how a money coach coaches herself around money.

Fun, right?

November Account Review:

Top 3 Spends

  • Mortgage
  • Food
  • Cell Phones

Biggest Surprise

Food: $1400 – Almost equally divided between eating in and eating out.


The single greatest thing I’ve discovered this month is that my thoughts about not wanting to cook are preventing me from coming up with a plan around meals.

Not only do I end up spending more on expensive, last minute food items, I actually get less enjoyment from the whole process of eating.

When it comes to making dinner, I’m often scattered, hungry and annoyed.  Not a pretty picture.

If I want to maximize my joy from food and my money, I’ve got to think about the whole thing differently.

Things to consider:

How much value am I getting from this spend?

Not as much as I could be.  I haven’t necessarily been making high quality foods or having remarkable dining out experiences.  For $1400 I expect more than what I’ve been giving myself.

Could I have the same satisfaction/enjoyment around food and spend less money?  Why/Why not?  

Absolutely.  I throw out a lot of food and am generally disorganized when I go to the store. I end up buying food that I don’t enjoy that much because it’s easy/fast. If I planned in advance for the week I could have foods I enjoyed more and spend less money.

What do I think is stopping me from planning/organizing?

I don’t really like to cook so I don’t put much planning into it.  It’s funny because not planning actually makes me dislike the entire process.  It’s time to eat and I realize I don’t know what to make.  I end up going for what’s fast and easy vs. what I enjoy.

The biggest motivator for me is that I want to enjoy my food and my money.

I’m playing around with the thought: planning my meals in advance helps me enjoy my food and my money.

It’s totally true and it helps me get excited about a plan for the week.  I know I’ll end up eating better and having more money.

Goal: Reduce food expenses to $1000 a month.

Put your comments in the comments section below. Specifically answer these two questions:

  1. Are there any categories where you’re spending more than you realized?
  2. What tips do you have for maximizing your food budget?
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Getting My Good Vibes On

Today was a super special day for me.

I had the chance to guest post for a fellow coach and mentor over at Good Vibe University.  If you don’t know Jeannette Maw, you should.  Her work is fun and powerful!

Head on over and check out the post on how to feel good while budgeting.  It’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way and one I’m always excited to share.

As recently as a year ago budgets were a bad word to me.  Until  I learned something that changed my perspective.

I learned budgets don’t have to be about deprivation. They can be about setting conscious intentions about money and energy. Choosing, in advance, what you most desire.

Read more at:


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I am a friend.

I am a bad friend.

I show up late.

I forget your birthday.

I don’t commit to plans in advance.

I change plans at the last minute.

I get busy and don’t call.


I am a good friend.

If you ever need to talk, I’ll listen.

I’m thoughtful.

If you’re having a bad day, I’ll drop off a card of coffee.

If you need help, I’ll volunteer.

I support you 100%.

I love you unconditionally.


I am simply a friend.  This is who I am.  Not good and not bad. Perfectly imperfect. I am a friend.

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Exclamation Marks!!!

Living with exclamation marks

I’m an exclamation mark kind of girl. For a long time I felt bad about that.  Exclamation marks get a bad rap.  To over the top!  To much excitement!! To much cheeriness!!!  I sure didn’t want to put in that category.

I’d write something, finish it off with an exclamation mark, or two or three.  Then hit backspace, delete, erase.  I didn’t want others to see my exclamation marks.  I was willing to erase me and my excitement so I didn’t get put in eye roll category.

Not anymore.  Starting now, I’m letting others see me exclamation marks.  No Apologies.   Life deserves to be lived out loud!  With excitement!!  Over the top with to much cheeriness!!!  I don’t care what spell check has to say.

So where are your exclamation marks?  What are you willing to erase to fit into someone else’s idea of how you should live your life?  Where should you hit enter instead of delete?

Here’s to a day filled with exclamation marks – whatever they may be for you.

Keep Smiling!

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