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About & Contact

Christy Lambert | Life Strategist

My #1 goal is to help you make changes in your life without using willpower.


Because working harder isn’t the solution.

If it was, you’d already have everything you want.

You’ve given 110% to your family, your career, your friends.

You’ve read all the books. You’ve gone to seminars.

That’s not what’s holding you back.

There’s something else going on.

Something powerful enough that no matter how hard you try – no matter how dedicated you are to taking care of yourself, losing the weight for good, and building a life filled with joy, it’s just not happening.

So what is it?

My retreats and coaching programs are designed to help you learn the answer to this question.

Everyone’s answer is personal and unique. There’s no magic one size fits all cure.

In addition to answering the big question of what’s holding you back, you’ll learn what to do about it.

Not in a general, vague sense.

You’ll get specific, actionable ideas that help create lasting change.

How I See it:

My point of view is that we all have deep seated beliefs holding us back from what we really want.

There’s power in identifying and changing those thoughts and limiting beliefs.

But that’s not enough.

It’s easy to understand what to do conceptually – but applying it, that’s the hard part.

When you can change your thoughts & back that up with actions and experiences to cement the changes you’re creating, it’s magic.

I help my clients take what they know and translate that into lasting results.

No willpower required. 

What else I believe:

I believe in the power of God, positive thinking, and ice cream—in just about that order.

I believe how well you take care of yourself will determine your ability to take care of others.

I believe in running. Finishing my first marathon ranks as one of my greatest achievements and most exhilarating moments.

I believe in learning. I am a certified bookworm. I’m constantly astounded by the tenacity of the human spirit, the kindness of strangers, and the amazingness of this thing called life.

My own experience drives my passion for helping you reach your goals.

I had a checklist for life: Good job. Nice husband. Big house. Financial security. I woke up one morning as I was approaching my 30th birthday and realized nearly everything on my list was checked off.

But I was numb.

I wasn’t depressed, I just didn’t feel anything. I was bored. I didn’t know what to do next. I wanted more.

I spent the next year connecting with the person I wanted to be in the world. Me. Happy. With or without my stuff.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • Happiness isn’t outside of us, it’s in us.
  • It’s always available.
  • It’s not always easy to access, but finding it is always a choice we can make.
  • When we discover what’s blocking our happiness & what inspires us, our goals become much easier to achieve.

I still live in the same house with my amazing husband, but these things no longer define me.

I have experienced more happiness in the last few years than I ever imagined was possible.

Professional Background:

  • I’ve managed public relations campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and Ford Motor Company.
  • I had the amazing experience of working with some of the brightest minds of our generation at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a Department of Energy research lab.
  • I’m a certified life coach & money coach. Trained by The Life Coach School, founded by Brooke Castillo & Dr. Martha Beck, a regular contributor to O-The Oprah Magazine.